About the Agency

At Platinum Brands, we work to connect brands with a Millennial audience and build meaningful relationships in a way that is natural, exciting, and effective. We are an agency for the modern age, seamlessly blending the world of public relations with contemporary digital strategies and creative marketing initiatives to create impact and long-term value for our partners. We work closely with our partners to develop disruptive, compelling campaigns that capture the attention of their audience and effectively tell their story.

We prioritize content over medium and innovation over tradition. Among many other things, we are experts in social media, continuously bringing impactful solutions and ideas to the digital table. When working with the news media, we collaborate closely with the right reporters and outlets to develop strong and effective narratives that leave a lasting impression with the right people. On top this, we capture attention through creative events, powerful content marketing, guerilla initiatives, originative branding efforts, and influencer partnerships. Our style is bold and our specialty is Millennials, but at our core, we build brands - whether it be from the bottom up, or from the top onward.

About The CEO

Jake Yablonski’s talent stems from his astute ability to communicate, connect, and create. Fortunately, he finds passion through these same avenues. A people-person since childhood, his nickname in elementary school was “The Mayor” due to his friendly personality and connections across the school. His love of communication stuck and ultimately led to the birth and success of Platinum Brands. 

A life-long entrepreneur, Jake has worked with brands ranging from long-established institutions to newly emerging startups. His credible insight into contemporary marketing strategies and inherent understanding of the tastes and preferences of the Millennial generation (which he is a part of) provides for a fresh take on an industry ripe for disruption. Apart from running Platinum Brands, he is involved in other business efforts both inside and outside the marketing industry. 

Jake is a self-taught polyglot, autodidact, and passionate lover of good food. In his spare-time he can be found traveling, dining out with good friends, or binge-watching Netflix.