About the Agency

Platinum Brands is a cutting-edge public relations agency for both established and emerging brands. We are an agency for the digital age, seamlessly blending the worlds of public relations and digital marketing to create long-term value for our clients. At Platinum Brands, we prioritize the use of social media to spearhead public relations and marketing efforts. Instead of relying solely on traditional PR tactics like press-releases, wires, and mass-media pitches, we work closely with clients to develop disruptive, compelling campaigns that capture the attention of their target audiences.

When working with the media, we collaborate closely with the right reporters and outlets to develop strong and effective narratives, either to build brand awareness or develop strategic thought leadership. Moreover, we generate buzz and capture attention through creative events, content marketing, guerilla initiatives, and industry influencers. Through bold and aggressive campaigns, we help build brands - whether it be from the bottom up, or from the top onward.

About The CEO

Jacob Yablonski is the CEO of Platinum Brands. A life-long entrepreneur, he started his business journey in middle school selling home-made Harry Potter wands to classmates on the school bus. Many ventures thereafter, he founded the predecessor to Platinum Brands, JPY Marketing LLC, a digital marketing agency. While discussing business strategy with a close friend, a likeminded entrepreneur in the real estate industry, he was inspired to position his company in the direction of public relations with a strategic focus on social media integration and creative marketing. Today, Platinum Brands is a full-service public relations and marketing agency, serving clients primarily in the Philadelphia area with plans to expand into New York City and South Florida in the next two years.