8 Basic Tips for Using Social Media More Effectively

Posted on November 10, 2017

Today, most brands understand the importance of incorporating a strong social media strategy into their marketing and communications efforts. Still, however, many brands struggle to use this tool correctly. Here are 8 simple tips that may help you or a fellow brand marketer better utilize social media.

  1. Make sure your profiles look good. Many times, we come across businesses or organizations who have terrible-looking photos as their cover or profile image. This is the first thing people will see when they come across your page, so try to make a good first impression. Make sure the profile and cover images are clear, well-cropped, and reflect your brand appropriately.

  2. Make sure your page description is complete and concise. There is a delicate balance here. Try to make sure that your organization’s description is comprehensive enough to encompass what your brand is all about, but don’t write a novel. Nobody is going to read a 5-paragraph essay brand description. As an added bonus, make sure that your organization is categorized correctly on Facebook.

  3. Know your audience. Make sure that you know who your audience is in order to tailor your content to their specific tastes and preferences. If your audience doesn’t resonate well with your content, it will do nothing for your brand. Even worse, if your content upsets or offends your audience, it can spell disaster for your organization.

  4. Develop a consistent posting schedule. Posting regular content on a schedule will help your brand’s social media presence remain organized and clean. We often run into brands that go weeks at a time without updating their followers with quality content, then try to make up for it by posting too much in a subsequent week. Don’t do this. Consistency is key.

  5. Don’t post 5-paragraph essays. We often run into businesses that post these long, ugly posts promoting their products or services on Facebook. Never, ever do this. First of all, nobody is going to read it. Second, it looks spammy and people will unfollow or block your page. Keep your posts short, concise, and interesting.

  6. Utilize the “Rule of Thirds”. Brands too often spam their followers with unwanted promotional content. To avoid this, incorporate the rule of thirds into your social media strategy. ⅓ of your content should promote your products or services, ⅓ of your content should be curated content from industry thought-leaders or similar organizations, and ⅓ of your content should be centered around building relationships and fostering conversations with your audience.

  7. Engage with your audience. If your audience is commenting on your posts, make sure to engage with them. Consumers really appreciate when brands acknowledge and pay attention to them.

  8. Get creative. Everyone is on social media nowadays. Get creative with your content to captivate and engage your users. Try to stand out from the crowd by developing content that your audience will genuinely enjoy. Experiment with different content strategies and spins. The possibilities are endless!