Put Some Synergy in Your Marketing

Posted on November 1, 2017

Synergy: the combined power of a group of things when they are working together that is greater than the total power achieved by each working separately. As with any functional process or organization, synergies must exist within the marketing continuum for efforts to reach their maximum potential. It is critical for marketing teams and agencies to understand the true definition of synergy in order to be successful in their efforts.

It should be common understanding that forces that join together are nearly always more effective in accomplishing goals and objectives than those that stand alone. As with building an effective team, an effective marketing strategy should include various moving parts that work together synergistically to accomplish a common goal. Each individual public relations and marketing initiative should always work well together with other efforts and should always support the brand’s foundational identity.

Let’s consider social media- a tool that should always contribute to a brand’s marketing synergy. A brand’s social media presence is a great source of leverage for other marketing efforts such as PR campaigns, events, guerilla initiatives, and influencer efforts. All of these marketing efforts should support one another to accomplish brand objectives.

As an example of a synergistic marketing strategy, let’s consider a cosmetics company that wants to employ an initiative to promote a new line of products. It might look something like this: The brand will host a public event where people can enjoy food and drink and listen to music produced by a DJ popular with the target audience. Before the event takes place, it will be promoted across the brand’s social media presence and influencer network. Influencers who promote products for the brand will be paid to attend and act as brand ambassadors during the event. During the event itself, a user-generated content campaign will take place so that attendees can promote the products across their social media pages. Furthermore, press attendance will amplify the brand’s reach in the form of editorial coverage. (A guerilla initiative may also take place in order to capture more press and consumer attention.) After the launch event, digital and physical advertising as well as other efforts will continue to promote the products and brand in line with efforts produced during the event. This is synergy.

All of the above efforts will work together synergistically to promote the brand in a matter that is more effective than one single initiative. If the brand were to just hold an event with no other efforts involved, or if the efforts did not work together well, the end result would be far less consequential. Remember, synergy is everything.