What We Do

At Platinum Brands, we work with each of our clients to fit their specific needs. For some clients, we act as a full agency partner and for others we work on individual projects such as running social media campaigns, developing branding efforts, promoting events or product launches, or running influencer campaigns. Sometimes, we even work with in-house marketing teams solely as strategic consultants. No matter what your needs may be, we constantly strive to bring fresh communications solutions to the table.

We work with each of our clients on a custom basis. Upon contacting us, we will discuss how we can work with your brand to develop a service bundle that is best suited for achieving your specific goals.

Social Media

Social media management, Social media strategy, Follower campaigns, Advertising campaigns.

Brand Communications

Identity development, Brand positioning, Media strategy & consulting, Internal communications.


Full-scale production, Consultation, Strategic guest curation, Promotion.

Media Relations

Targeted pitching, Byline creation, Strategic thought leadership, Story securement, Relationship building.


Creative marketing, Creative publicity, Stunts, Guerilla and digital initiatives.

Cross-Promotional Campaigns

Partnership Strategy, Outreach, Strategic alliance execution.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer collaborations, Brand awareness, Community amplification.

Communication Audits

Analysis of brand perception v. brand goals, Message evaluation, Improvement strategy.